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HomemusicWait to Love by Ocha Tk (feat. Enjolee)

Wait to Love by Ocha Tk (feat. Enjolee)


A beautiful love song for modern times.



The song “Wait to Love” is all about the way men and women communicate.
Men and women often have different communications styles.
Many people can relate to it.
A man who is trying to work hard for his family, and wants his woman to trust him.
A woman who wants to feel nutured and loved.
It is a timeless story.
He collaborated with Houston, Texas musician, Enjolee on the song and music video.
It is relatable, especially in this time when many people are traveling internationally, and forming relationships like never before.
Lyrics such as “You love abroad much more than me.”
There can be a husband who does international business, and is traveling alot.
Or a soldier, whose wife is raising their children only to skype and send packages to their father and husband who is away.
This story is common.
It tells a story that you haven’t heard in music alot, but that reflects most people’s circumstances.

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